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Industrial fan

The large industrial fan (4-7.3 m) is a common industrial machine used for space ventilation and personnel cooling. It is commonly used in industrial plants, logistics and warehousing, waiting rooms, exhibition halls, stadiums, and supermarkets. Industrial fans can push a large amount of airflow to the ground, forming a certain level of airflow level on the ground, which contributes to the overall air circulation. The benefits are all-round ground coverage and three-dimensional circulation of air.

Business background

A、Traditional solution (inverter + reducer + asynchronous motor)
1. Asynchronous motors are bulky and inefficient.
2. plus the reducer system is more cumbersome.
3. equipment installation and maintenance are more complicated, the entire system costs.
B、Direct drive solution (inverter + multi-pole permanent magnet synchronous motor)
1. Synchronous motor has high efficiency and the system is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
2. Eliminate the reducer, so that the weight and volume of the whole system are reduced, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and installation.
3. the same load current is smaller, the energy saving rate is higher

Technical requirement

1. need low frequency and large torque output. The starting torque is large and no overcurrent is reported;
2. The equipment runs smoothly and there is no jitter during the whole system operation;
3. When the equipment is shut down, ensure that the fan stops normally and there is no fault;
4. high reliability, able to adapt to the harsh environment of the site;
5. low noise, improve the comfort of the environment.

CUMARK advantages

ES series application cases
The site adopts (220V/380V) ES350L driver + multi-stage permanent magnet synchronous motor control, mainly driving 4.2M-7.2M large industrial fan with diameter in the factory workshop, logistics park warehouse and other large space to dissipate heat.
The adaptation of the ES350L driver perfectly solves the problem that the low-frequency output torque is not enough, and the overload capability is low, which is easy to cause an alarm.
1. Small size and easy to install;
2. The low frequency start and stop is smooth and smooth, and the current is minimized after steady speed operation;
3. Low noise and improve the comfort of the environment;
4. The multi-pole motor open loop control effect is good;
5. The motor temperature protection response is fast.