CNC Machine Tools

The engraving machine is a CNC milling machine that uses small tools, high power and high speed spindle motors for small milling or soft metal processing equipment. The advantages are: relatively fine processing, high processing precision, high-speed machining for soft metals; disadvantages: heavy cutting is impossible due to poor steel properties.

    There is no concept of engraving machine in foreign countries. They are mainly machining centers (computers). However, the machining center has its shortcomings, especially when machining small molds with small tools, it will not work, and the cost is very high. high. At the beginning of the country, only the concept of CNC engraving machine, the advantage of the engraving machine is engraving. If the hardness of the processing material is relatively large, it will not be able to do so. The appearance of the engraving machine can be said to fill the gap between the two. The engraving machine can be engraved or milled.

    The multi-function engraving machine is a CNC machine tool that combines engraving, milling, cutting, drilling and tapping. It can realize the switching of various functions through automatic tool change, and realize multi-purpose of one machine. It can be carved at high speed and medium speed. Milling, grinding, drilling, and low-speed rigid tapping.

CNC machine tools