Message from President

Dear Friends:

Hello everyone! Thank you very much for the long-term support& help for CUMARK.

As the president of this company, firstly I want to express my sincere thanks to all the staff for your unremitting efforts in the development of CUMARK. Meanwhile, I also show my deep gratitude to all our customers, related government departments, industry associations and also brother enterprises who have given CUMARK great trust and supports .Just because of you, we got a rapid development in the past years.


2015 is an extraordinary year, the real economy is struggling, the horn of China-made sounds, and the crisis is pregnant with greater opportunities. By December 31, 2015, CUMARK has been basically completed the transformation from System Integration to more long-term valuable standardized product Researching, developing and manufacturing since 2009.The company has become one of the most powerful enterprises with the comprehensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities of high, medium and low voltage frequency inverters, explosion-proof high voltage frequency inverters, which is rare in the domestic counterparts. We have made some achievements, but there are also some shortcomings. Facing achievements, we must keep humble and constantly improve our requirements for ourselves, so that we can be more and more strong; confronting failures, we should be good at summarizing, finding new solutions quickly and starting again.Especially at this moment, everyone should learn to compete and survive in the current social environment, keep our eyes on the market, put our efforts on the spot, work together, and be enterprising. Through the joint efforts of our team, we can lay a solid foundation for the CUMARK brand to win the market.

Faced with the challenges of the new year 2016, we should be more confident and energetic, meanwhile we also need strengthen management, summarize experience and encourage innovation. Any time, we must complete our work with highly professional attitude and skills, and should be brave to take responsibility for our actions. Words must be acted, deeds must be done. Ten ideas are not better than one action, we should strengthen execution standard-"do it right now, do it to the end, and have to be handed over" to seize marketing opportunities promptly.


We should hold high the great banner of CUMARK's mission of "inserting wings for traditional industries with advanced science and technology", and always carry through the business philosophy of "deeply understanding user's feelings, providing value-added services to users while achieving self-improvement", and adhere to the execution standard of "do it right now, do it to the end, and have to be handed over", and always keep “Firm, Efficient, Innovative”. We must strive hard to achieve CUMARK people’s common vision of "CUMARK will be service-oriented,high-tech,and world well known in the future".