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Ball mill introduction

  The ball mill is the key equipment for re-grinding crushed materials. It is widely used in the production of building materials, cement, metal dressing and ceramic glass. Especially in the ceramic industry, ball mills are used in large quantities and are an important production equipment that is indispensable for material crushing. 

  The ball mill motor has a large power and is one of the largest power-consuming devices in the ceramic industry. The original power frequency start control operation scheme has many drawbacks. 

  With the rapid development of variable frequency drive technology and permanent magnet synchronous motor in the industry, the permanent magnet synchronous motor variable frequency drive scheme has been widely used in ball mills, creating very good for enterprises. Economic benefits.。

Ball mill

Ball mill structure: transmission device, cylinder device, feeding device, unloading device, electrical control device, etc.。


Ball mill working principle

  The ball mill transmission device comprises a pulley or a gear reduction mechanism, and the electric frequency conversion control device drives the permanent magnet synchronous motor during operation, and the cylinder device is rotated by the speed reduction mechanism. The material and the grinding body inside the cylinder device are lifted to a certain height under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, and then fall along the approximate parabola trajectory, impacting and grinding another part of the material at the bottom of the cylinder body, and generating a certain axis. To the operation, the material is ground and mixed uniformly, and the finished material is finally discharged through the discharge device.

Ball mill operating characteristics

  The rotation speed of the ball mill should not be too fast. If the rotation speed is high, due to the centrifugal force, the material and the steel ball will no longer detach from the wall of the cylinder, or even follow the wall of the cylinder. At this time, the steel ball has no impact on the material, and the grinding efficiency is lowered. The minimum speed of this state is called the critical speed.

   Industry application requirements

  Before the ball mill is started, because the material in the cylinder and the metal sphere are located at the bottom, the load is extremely heavy and requires a large starting torque. The general inverter drive scheme will amplify one or two power levels.

    Low frequency and large torque output for soft start barrier-free;

    Extremely strong overload capability, any load sudden shock without tripping;

    Can achieve a certain power saving effect, 10% and above; (5% to 6% of asynchronous power saving solutions can not meet customer needs)

    High reliability, requiring a high degree of protection to adapt to the harsh environment of the site;

Industry status

1. The required grinding cycle is long, the grinding efficiency is low, the power consumption per unit product is large, and the transition grinding of materials is easy to occur;
2. the start is generally started by star triangle or auto-coupling step-down, the starting current is large, and the impact on equipment and power grid is great;
3. The stability of equipment operation is poor, the maintenance volume and power consumption are huge, which increases the maintenance cost of the manufacturer and causes serious waste of resources;

1. The power saving space after the inverter transformation is limited, only 6%~8% of the power saving space;
2. The low frequency torque is not enough, and it is difficult to start the equipment;
3. Poor reliability and difficulty in adapting to harsh environments;
4. The permanent magnet synchronous motor has limited control performance and cannot solve the degaussing phenomenon well.

 CUMARK product advantages 

1. Start no reversal, low speed and large torque output, effectively guarantee the ball mill control system process;
2.efficient power-saving capacity, more energy-saving than other products;
3. Realize the soft start of the system, eliminate the fierce impact of equipment on the power grid and peripheral equipment, and extend the service life of mechanical components;
4. excellent synchronous open-loop control performance, more cost advantages;
5. The minimum current output of the same load reduces the risk of high temperature demagnetization of the synchronous motor;
6, high reliability, improve equipment quality;
7. friendly man-machine interface, debugging is quick and easy;

ES series application case

  The site adopts ES580L driver + permanent magnet synchronous motor control + speed reduction
mechanism, which mainly drives the ball mill cylinder device to rotate.
  The adaptation of the ES580L driver perfectly solves the problem that the low-frequency output torque is not enough,
and the overload capability is low, which may cause an alarm.


1. Start no reversal, low frequency and large torque output;
2. The low frequency start and stop is smooth and smooth, and the current is minimized after steady speed operation;
3. Excellent power saving capacity;
4. Precise motor self-learning, so that the permanent magnet synchronous motor is in the best running state, reducing the risk of high temperature demagnetization of the motor;
5. The motor temperature protection response is fast;
6. High reliability, better adapt to the harsh environment of the site and improve equipment quality.