Explosion-proof Inverter

Explosion proof AC drive

Water cooling, antifouling long life span 3.3KV explosion proof drive

Shenzhen Cumark New Tech participated in National “12th Five year plan” 10 Million Ton intelligent mining project, explosion- proof Medium Voltage drive for scraper conveyor. Cumark built a exporters team and recruit North East university professor as team leader, R&D investment over 20M RMB.


Complying to National Safety Center standard, Cumark set up first intelligent comprehensive mining medium voltage explosion proof equipment test and load platform. Chinese first Generation BPJV-1600/3.3 series mining explosion proof Medium drive come out after 8 months hard working of Cumark R&D team. Cumark is the one of earliest Medium voltage explosion proof drive manufacturers


BPJV-1600/3.3 Medium voltage explosion proof mining drive adopt advanced IGCT , DTC & Vector control, ABB pure sine wave filtering output and 12 pluses rectifier technology accordance with GB14549-1993, IEEE519/1992 and UKG5/3D standard. Inverter has three level topology configuration, fiber communication which can output full load at 0 speed, applying in heavy load equipment. The Max current can reach 2.5 times of rated current.


BPJV-1600/3.3 Medium voltage explosion proof mining drive power output distance can reach 3-5KM. The drive has Master-slave power balance functions which can one motor or two motors.

Altitude less than 2000M

It can be used in explosion air and circumstance.

No steam air and corrosive air.

Out water cooling cycle temperature 4-27℃

Circumstance temperature: 0-40

Humidity: <95% ( 25)

Installation site no vibration, incline angle less than 15 degree

scraper conveyor.


Inverter adopts advanced water to water cycle cooling way. Inner cooling cycle is closed loop constant temperature water cycle. Out cycle is using industry water under mine. The heat exchange between inner and out water cooling cycle systems occur. Inverter is using ABB DTC technology and IGBT (IGCT) for high efficiency and low power consumption.


Full load start at 0 speed. Max current output can reach 2.1 times of rated current within 1 minute.

Power output distance over 3000M

12 Pulses supply reduce interference to power grid

Multi motors power balance control. If one drive faults, other one drive can control two motors.

Overload, overvoltage, under voltage, phase loses, over heat, power balance, leakage lock, earthing, short circuit, power cell overheat, motor overheat, Power sudden off protection.

No pole, high voltage stand film capacitor has long life span and less maintenance time.