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Introduction to spinning frame

A spinning machine that draws, twists, and winds a semi-finished roving or sliver into a spun yarn during the spinning process is called a spinning frame. The spinning frame is the main machine for spinning. The output and quality of the spinning yarn are a comprehensive reflection of the advantages and disadvantages of each process of the spinning process.

Spinning frame

The spinning frame is basically composed of a feeding mechanism, a drafting mechanism, a twisting and winding mechanism, and the power is mainly provided by a main motor:

Spinning machine production process

  The roving is unwound from the roving bobbin supported by the supporter and fed through the yarn guiding rod and the traverse guide to the drafting device for drafting. The drafted strip is output from the front roller, and is spun into a spun yarn through a yarn guide hook and a wire loop, and is wound onto a bobbin tightly placed on the spindle. When the spindle rotates, the traveler is driven by the sliver to rotate along the inner arc surface of the steel collar. Each time the wire ring rotates, it adds a roundabout to the drawn strip. At the same time, due to the frictional resistance of the traveler and the steel collar, the rotational speed of the traveler lags behind the rotational speed of the spindle, and winding occurs. The steel collar plate is moved up and down by a certain law under the control of the forming mechanism, and the strand is wound into a certain shape of the bobbin.

Industry application requirements

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ES series application case

  This scheme adopts ES580L driver + permanent magnet synchronous motor control. According to the technical characteristics of the spinning frame, the multi-speed control mode is selected, that is, the joint in the slow running phase of the yarn-drawing stage; the output speed of the motor is reduced in the small yarn stage, which can effectively reduce the yarn breakage. Head rate; in the middle yarn stage which is not easy to break, increase the motor output and increase the output; appropriately reduce the motor speed in the large yarn stage to reduce the breakage rate and improve the quality of the product.
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