Cumark ES series in the double twisting machine industry Share:

First, double twisting machine concept

  The twisting machine is a twisting device that applies a relatively loose fiber strand to a yarn or a yarn to form a strand, which ultimately gives the yarn a certain physical property and a certain appearance, such as The strength, elasticity, gloss, etc. of the yarn. Mainly processing natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk and various chemical fibers.

Second, double twisting machine structure

Mainly by: spindle mechanism, traverse mechanism, winding mechanism, and independently driven by different motors.

Third, the spindle drive mode,the challenge

1, permanent magnet synchronous motor drive
  The permanent magnet synchronous motor rotor is composed of permanent magnets. There is no rotor resistance loss when running smoothly, the power factor is high, and no reactive excitation current is needed. Because of the high efficiency, everyone has won the favor, but its control method is complicated, and improper control will result in Poor energy saving, motor reversal problem and motor demagnetization。
2, spindle system dual motor drive
  Although the use of dual motor drag can improve product quality and achieve maximum energy savings, it also causes problems with the distribution of torque.

The challenge:

1. Motor reversal at start-up

2, the double conversion of the spindle is unevenly distributed to the support torque

3. How does the system achieve start-stop and stop synchronization?

4. How to realize the synchronous shutdown of each system in the case of sudden power failure, and ensure the continuous yarn?

Fourth, the solution

1、Using a unique control algorithm to solve the problem of    synchronous motor startup reversal.
2、Spindle dual motor torque distribution function to achieve motor output balance.
3、The system uses the common DC bus solution, while the built-in power-off synchronization process to ensure the consistency of the yarn industry.

Fifth, CUMARK product advantages