Company Profile

  CUMARK Co ., Ltd. , Shenzhen is a state-level high-tech enterprises in power electronic drive and automation related fields, and it Provides integrated services including process control and energy-saving control consulting, system design , system equipment procurement, system design integration, on-site installation and commissioning for large and medium-sized industrial and mining enterprises involving non-ferrous metals, iron and steel, petroleum, chemical, coal, electricity, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, machinery, municipal mainly in the field of power supply and transmission of power electronics ,process automation, smart grid.

CUMARK Headquarters:Cangsong                                                                                CUMARK

  The company was established on March, 19, 2001, achieved a rapid development under the joint efforts of all staff. Now it has a number of core patent technologies and products and honor including state-level high-tech enterprise, drafting unit of national standards of variable speed electrical power drive systems, energy-saving services company of National Development and Reform Commission for the record, unit of executive director of china energy-saving association and energy-saving service Industry Committee, well-known brand of Shenzhen in power electronic drive and automation , is a take-off future star!

  The headquarters of CUMARK located in the Futian Central District of Shenzhen and R & D and production base is located in Hongfa Industrial Park in Bao'an district of Shiyan Town of Shenzhen. Offices and after-sales maintenance service center is set in major cities nationwide, which can provide high-quality, fast localization services for client around.