Explosion-proof Inverter

2×Combination Explosion-proof Inverter

3.3KV Mining Medium Voltage Explosion Proof independent Combination Inverter (Direct water cooling 2 independent inverters combination)

On the basis of BPJV series of mine and intrinsically safe high-voltage series converters, CUMARK launch the second generation of BPJV2-series converters.


BPJV2 series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high-voltage frequency converter adopts advanced topology structure, advanced high-power IGBT high reliability and high efficiency imported components. Water cooling system adopts water-water exchange heat dissipation system solution, high efficiency water cooling design, small size and low noise. The cooling system withstands pressure more than 4Mpa. Water-water cooled frequency converter apply clean internal circulating water heat dissipation system, which effectively solves a series of problems such as scaling, condensation, impurity blockage and so on. The equipment has long service life and high reliability. It runs independently with high stability and reliability.


BPJV2 series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high-voltage converters adopt advanced high-power IGBT high reliability and efficiency components, excellent high torque and high precision speed control based on DTC and vector control technology platform, and low-filter rectification technology based on 12-pulse wave. The main circuit adopts three-level topology structure, and the inverting trigger signal is isolated by optical fiber. The maximum starting torque and maximum current reach 2.5 times of the rated value. It is suitable for the use of heavy load and large torque mining equipment.


BPJV2 series mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe high-voltage converter, output distance can reach 3 km, and has master-slave dynamic tracking control, fast load dynamic power (torque) balance, to achieve standard one-drag-one mode and optional one-drag-two mode operation;


BPJV2 series mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe high-voltage frequency converter uses human-computer interaction interface, through 10 inch color display screen to display the operation status of the equipment. Control mode can choose operation, overhaul and maintenance mode to meet the needs of production conditions.


BPJV2 series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high voltage frequency converter has powerful communication function. It has communication interfaces such as ethernet, Pro fibus, RS485, etc. It can communicate with the host computer, centralized control operation and remote control through shielding twisted pair or optical fiber connecting with mine monitoring system.


Rated voltage

6kv/10kv -15%+10%rated load

Phase NO./Frequency

3/50HZ ±10%

AC drive input

Rated voltage

2×1903V -15%+10%rated load

Phase NO./Frequency

6/50HZ ±10%

AC drive output

Rated power





Rated voltage

Sine-wave 0v3.3kv continuously


Overload capability

Classical 150% 1min (120%-250% optional )




Input/Output interface

16 digital input terminals

16 digital output terminals

Communication interface

Earth net/CAN/Profibus/RS485

Signal isolation mode

Optical isolation

Control signal transmission

Fiber transmission





10-150Hz ,below 0.5g

Storage conditions


Protection class


1.Altitude lower than 2000 m

2.Underground coal mine with explosive mixture of methane and coal dust;

3.No vapor or corrosive gas which can destroying metals and insulating materials;

4.External cycling water temperature 4~+27℃,

5.Ambient temperature:0~40℃,

6、Air humidity: Less than 95%+25℃),

7、No strong turbulence, vibration and inclination less than 15 degrees

Main Application

· Scraper

· Conveyor 

Explosion-proof high voltage converter adopts ABB's latest DTC direct torque control technology and the most advanced IGBT (IGCT) switching devices. It has higher switching frequency and smaller energy consumption.

BPJV3-2 independent combination of high-voltage explosion-proof converter drives two AC asynchronous explosion-proof motors of scraper machine respectively, and adopt optical fiber master-slave control separately which can realize speed synchronization and power balance. Start-stop controls among motors in power system. When the frequency converter runs, it can meet the motor starting torque more than 200%.

The two converters placed in a combined shell are completely independent of each other and have no influence on each other. Each converter in the combined Shell supplies power to the motor in a towing way and drives two motors at the same time.

To meet the requirements of various operating conditions of scraper conveyor, including soft start, speed regulation or constant speed on-load operation, normal shutdown and emergency shutdown.

The scraper conveyor can start smoothly under heavy load, eliminating the mechanical and electrical shock when the equipment starts. The frequency converter has the function of low-speed chain checking, which is convenient for maintenance.

The distance between the converter output and the motor is longer than 2000 meters.

Frequency converter uses 12 pulse power supply, which effectively reduces the interference of frequency converter to network harmonics.

The main circuit of the converter adopts three-level topology structure, and the trigger signal of the inverter is isolated by optical fiber.

Frequency converter adopts ABB DTC direct torque control technology, which has high control precision. The maximum starting torque is more than 2.0 times the rated motor torque. It is suitable for heavy load and large torque equipment.

Frequency converter adopts master-slave optical fiber communication technology, which has the functions of power balance, communication and data transmission. It can realize dynamic power balance among multiple motors and delay start-stop control among motors in drive system.

Frequency converter has the protection functions of overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, phase-gap, overheating, power balance, leakage blocking, grounding, short circuit, power device overheating, motor overheating, instantaneous power outage and so on. It has the function of fault memory.

Display function: Chinese LCD with 10.4 hours can display system graphics, operation parameters, fault information, historical records query; various settings and operations can be completed through the screen, real-time display of belt conveyor start-stop state, voltage, current, motor temperature and fault information and other related parameters.

The frequency converter has the function of automatic parameter storage. After the main power supply is restored after power failure, the original parameters of the frequency converter remain unchanged.

The DC part adopts non-polar high voltage self-recovery film capacitor without periodic replacement, and its service life is longer than that of electrolytic capacitor.

It has powerful software functions to control the speed of different equipment, and can select, adjust and read application parameters through intrinsically safe operation keyboard. It can realize local control and remote control.

The frequency converter is cooled by water. The cooling system withstands pressure up to 4 MPa. The cooling system is built in the shell of the combined frequency converter.

Two independent converters in the combined shell are designed with modular structure. Each converter is independent of each other and has no influence on each other.

The frequency converter has RS485 bus communication interface, which can transmit operation information to monitoring center or mine information system through MODBUS protocol to realize remote control and automation control.

Explosion-proof frequency converter can select operation, maintenance and maintenance mode through switch to meet the needs of production process.

Explosion-proof frequency converter has multi-channel related equipment signal input, which can realize interlocking control of system process.

Explosion-proof frequency converter has the function of intelligent energy-saving control, and decides the input and exit of intelligent control function through switch.