Explosion-proof Inverter

1×Combination Explosion-proof Inverter

Water cooling、Explosion-proof high-voltage frequency converter for thin coal seam mining(Direct Water Cooling)

CUMARK has developed and produced a complete series of high-voltage converters with built-in direct water cooling heat dissipation system, thin coal seam special purpose and intrinsically safe for mine use, which are suitable for multi-level market demand. BPJV3-2200/3.3, BPJV3-1600/3.3, BPJV3-1250/3.3, BPJV3-855/3.3 series of mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high voltage converter.

BPJV3 series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high-voltage converters adopt advanced topological structure, advanced high-power IGBT, high reliability and high efficiency components, excellent high torque and high precision speed control based on DTC and vector control technology platform. With 12-pulse low-filter rectification, three-level topology and optical fiber isolation, the maximum starting torque and maximum current reach 2.5 times the rated value. Meanwhile the output to click distance of the converter can reach 3 km. At the same time, the converter has master-slave dynamic tracking control and fast load dynamic power (torque) level, realizing standard one-drag-one operation mode and optional one-drag-two operation mode, suitable for heavy load and large torque mining equipment.

BPJV3 series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high voltage frequency converter, smooth soft start and soft stop, eliminate mechanical and current impact, prolong the service life of equipment. It has intelligent energy efficiency control strategy. With load torque as the basic parameter, the self-learning control model is established to realize the intelligent control function of automatically adjusting the running speed according to the load condition, reduce the energy consumption in no-load and light-load, and improve the energy efficiency of the system. The automatic energy-saving operation function realized by intelligent energy efficiency control strategy can save energy consumption by more than 15-50%.


Rated voltage

6kv/10kv -15%+10%rated load

Phase NO./Frequency

3/50HZ ±10%

AC drive input

Rated voltage

2×1903V -15%+10%rated load

Phase NO./Frequency

6/50HZ ±10%

AC drive output

Rated power





Rated voltage

Sine-wave 0v3.3kv continuously


Overload capability

Classical 150% 1min (120%-250% optional )




Input/Output interface

16 digital input terminals

16 digital output terminals

Communication interface

Earth net/CAN/Profibus/RS485

Signal isolation mode

Optical isolation

Control signal transmission

Fiber transmission





10-150Hz ,below 0.5g

Storage conditions


Protection class


1,Altitude shall not above 2000m.

2,It can not be used in the mines that have hybrid of methane and explosive gases.

3,It can not be used in the places that have steam、metal filing and errosion gases.

4,Outer-cycle water temperature is 4-27℃.

5,Environment temperature is 0-40℃.

6,Air relative humidity: Less than 95%(+25℃).

7,It should be used in the places with no vibration and inclination angle within 15°

Main Application

· Heavy Duty Scraper heavy load soft start/ stop and speed adjustment

· Heavy Duty conveyor belt heavy load soft start/ stop and speed adjustment

· Crusher heavy load soft start/ stop and speed adjustment