Variable speed Control Cabinet

CMK variable speed control cabinet product is based on ABB drive combined with many years of engineering application experience of CUMARK. The product not only has ABB performance and good quality, but also conforms to China's national conditions and operating habits of friendly Human-machine interface. There are many optional products to meet the needs of different users. ABB is the world's leading brand in industrial electrical production. It is the leading manufacturer in the field of industrial control products. It can provide the most extensive series of industrial control products than any other manufacturer. ABB all series of industrial control products can guarantee reliability, simplicity, flexibility and originality in their complete life cycle. ABB is an important reference standard in the mind of industrial control users all over the world. It is also a market leader in the field of global frequency Inverter, automatic control, soft starter and motor.

ES series high-performance AC DRIVE was developed with many years experiance accumulated by electric transmission R&D and all kinds of industrial automation application of Shenzhen Cumark New Technology Co,.Ltd and combining with the international first-class drive technology. ES series products can satisfy the requirements of each industrial control application field in poor situations with its excellent performance rich functions and perfect structure, and support comprehensive competitive advantage with its excellent qualityfriendly human-machine interface and convenient service.

Application siteIndoor, free of direct sunshine, dusts, corrosive gases, flammable gases, oil mist,water vapor, drip or salts

AltitudeAt 0-1000m ; When the altitude is 1000-4000m, the capacity is reduced by 1% as the altitude rises by 100m. (consult professionals for more accurate values)

Operation ambient temperature-10to+40(when the ambient temperature is40-55, the driveis automatically derated to achieveself-protection)

Relative humidityLess than 95%RH. No droplets condensed (condensation)

Sinusoidal vibration(IEC 60068- 2/ - 6.TestFc) Max.0.1mm (5tol3.2Hz) ; max.7m/s2 (13.2to 100 Hz) sinusoidal vibration (F0-F7) Max.0.1mm (10to57Hz) ; max.l0m/s2 (57to 150Hz) sinusoidal vibration (F8-F9)

ImpactNot allowed (during operation); maximum 100m/s2,11ms(during storage and transportation with packing)

Free fall (Max.)Not allowed (during operation); with packing : 100cm @F0-2,76cm @F0-4,46cm @F5-7,15cm @F8-9

Storage & transportation temperature-40to+70(-40 to+158°F)

Lifting Machinery

  Fast response speed and large startup torque properlyalleviate vibrations at startup

 Zero-speed clasp brake and zero-speed open brake completely eliminate hook sliding and back flush

 Low torque pulse ensures more reliable operation of the device; especially in construction elevators, the device makes taking the elevators    

    more conformable

 All-round protection functions (frequency converter, motor, brake unit) and overload torque detection function prevent operations beyond the

     specification or on a mechanical failure

  Compact structure design is adopted and the built-in brake unit (for below 90KW) is optional.

 The Smartdrive function facilitates operations (easy for commissioning and maintenance), and helps save labor costs and time

 Intelligent LCD keyboard, real-time monitoring of key information, convenient man-machine interactions are provided.

 Thevoltage operation range is wide (-20% to +20%).


1High reliability

2High usability

3Compatible with permanent magnet synchronous motor drive and three-phase asynchronous motor drive

4Intelligent LCD keyboard included in standard configuration

5Modular compact structure design