A grand event for global industry, 2023 Hannover Messe, Cumark with high, medium and low voltage and explosion-proof inverter products grandly appeared at the exhibition.

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2023 Hannover Messe, Germany

Summary: The Hannover Industrial Exhibition was successfully opened on April 17, 2023 in Hannover, Germany, and Cumark brought a new generation of high-performance industrial inverter drive series products to a wonderful appearance, which became a high-profile highlight.


1. New upgrade of series products

Cumark brings advanced and rich experience to the world's industry.


Cumark's advanced motor control technology, energy-efficient synchronous reluctance motor/frequency conversion solutions, rich inverter product line, bright and atmospheric display platform have become the focus of the China exhibition area, attracting a large number of professional visitors from all over the world.

The new products of the Cumark series are brilliantly presented:  

(1)  ES850S high-power servo series;

(2)  ES355/355L Spider-Man series;

(3)  ES710 Thinker Series;

(4)  High-efficiency synchronous reluctance motor + ES580H series frequency conversion synchronous reluctance drive combination set;

(5)  ES355PV/ES560PV Tai Neng photovoltaic pump frequency conversion drive;

(6)  Water pump machine ES350P/ ES580P series;

(7)  ES9000-3.3/4.16/6/10KV (250-20000KW) high voltage inverter series;

(8)  BPJV-3.3/6/10KV (855-6600KV) explosion-proof high voltage inverter series.

2. A grand celebration of global industry

Fruitful, guests from home and abroad went to the Cumark Hannover trade fair.

During the exhibition, Cumark's booth was busy and happy, Cumark's overseas team talked freely with nearly 100 enterprises and customers from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Denmark, Slovenia, Thailand, Russia, Germany, Brazil, India, Egypt, etc., including 25 interested customers. Through this exhibition, Cumark will further expand its overseas market territory and improve sales performance.

3. 4.17-4.21 Hanover Overseas Covenant

Helping develop Cumark's overseas market territory.

The Cumark Hannover exhibition ended perfectly, Cumark will continue to enhance brand awareness and global influence, while meeting the special needs of specific industries and customers, continuously providing customers with more product value, further expanding the global service network, providing customers with more timely technical support and more comprehensive solutions.

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