Cumark intelligent products sparkling on the 18th China international industrial expo with 16-year hardwork.

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Shenzhen Cumark New Technology Co.,Ltd, as an outstanding enterprise which owns 16-year experience in industrial automation field, sparkling on the 18th China international industrial expo.


On November 3, the 18th China international industrial expo was more splendid with hundreds of thousands of people attracted to the expo center in Shanghai. As a national high-tech enterprise that focus on R&D,manufacturing and sales of power electronic drive and automation products, Shenzhen Cumark New Technology Co.,Ltd was approved by many visitors. Zang Shaogan , the deputy manager of Cumark ,accepted an interview with China's intelligent manufacturing journalist during the expo. 




Shenzhen Cumark New Technology Co.,Ltd was established on March 19, 2001. The headquarter is located in Room 706, Cangsong BLGD, Tairan Technology Park, Futian, Shenzhen, and the factory is located in Floor 2,3 BLGD, Hongfa Industrial Park, Tangtou Community, Shiyan Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China. Over the years, the Cumark company take “The future Cumark is a  serviced, a high-tech and a globalized company”as its vision, which has made a substantial progress .



 At present, the Cumark company has more than 30 core patent technologies in power electronic drive and automation field. Independent R&D product mainly include: high-voltage inverter series, low-voltage inverter series, flameproof inverter series and active filter; Mainly in the service of the equipment manufacturing industry, energy-saving& environmental protection, new energy three fields, and the products are widely used in crane ,machine tools, metal works, wire &cable, plastics, printing & packaging, textile, building material, metallurgy ,coral, municipal ,and automobile system solutions.



According to information , the Cumark company showed BPJV series flameproof inverter, ES9000 series high-voltage inverter, ES series PMSM drive and low-voltage inverter (including 690V ) four main series products in this exhibition. In order to allow the exhibitors to experience the products in all directions from the structure to the systematized charm of the exhibition, all the exhibits are running in charge.  


The product is specially designed for the application of PMSM, which is in the leading position in the industry of its energy-saving rate, the control performance, the quality, and easy to debug maintainability. Especially when in open-loop control, the characters that high output torque at low frequency, no reverse at start/stop, auto switch between power frequency and variable frequency, etc, makes it be widely used in textile equipment, air compressor, pottery equipment, and plastic equipment , which has received a lot of praise from the permanent magnet synchronous motor factory and end-customers.


The character of ES series high-performance low-voltage inverter is unprecedented top drive performance, which has rich functions and perfect structures. Its excellent open loop/closed-loop control performance fit for all kinds of complex speed adjustment applications and makes it excellent.The CN/EN assistant type LCD operation panel configured by ES series inverter will be more friendly, convenient and intelligent for the customer's debugging, maintenance, and troubleshooting




The high reliability and protection level of ES series inverter can be widely applied in a variety of environments and meet the requirements of industrial control in different areas of bad environment,with its excellent quality, friendly human-machine interface and convenient service to provide comprehensive competitive advantages, it is widely applied in hoisting machinery, metal, stone processing, cables, winder, fluid machinery, etc.  


ES9000 series high-voltage is a high-reliability product that was developed by Shenzhen Cumark New Technology Co.,Ltd which adopted advanced technologies such as :high-performance vector control technology ,flux optimization technology and redundancy control technology ,etc. It also has many advanced functions such as energy feedback, speed tracking ,current limit, syn switch and master-slave control,etc,which can drive many kinds of the load type. The products are widely used in electric power, non-ferrous, building materials, mining, water supply, paper making, steel, oil&chemical, rubber, and other industries, the machine efficiency reached the international leading level.




BPJV series flameproof &intrinsically high-voltage was developed based on the National 12th five-year Plan of “coal mining equipment intelligent system development and demonstration application” and its sub-project”10 millions of tons intelligent transport system development and demonstration application of fully mechanized working face”, which acquired multiple patent technologies, and awarded the first prize of the China coal industry association's scientific and technological progress and the "world-class product design" award.

BPJV series inverter can achieve multiple-machine master-slave synchronous control ,it adapts to the strictly speed regulation requirements with heavy load change instantaneously, It can drive the motor with a 5 km long distance and has intelligent speed regulation function. The product has got a comprehensive progress in high-voltage,high-power, high-power density and direct water cooling technology. A 6600KW high-voltage inverter was integrated in a 4200X1290X1580 flameproof &intrinsically safe cabinet. It can be applied to heavy scraper, reloader , belt conveyor, compressor, etc. in mines and chemical factory , etc.




In addition, Cumark company is also one of ABB top 10 strategic partners and after-sales service centers. Cumark also establish Wuxi, Suzhou, Nanjing , Hangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanning, Jinan, Qingdao, Zibo, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Shenyang, Yulin, Lanzhou , Yinchuan,Urumqi, Chongqing, Guiyang, Changsha, Wuhan, Beijing, Xi’an, etc, 25 offices and after-sales service center, and build a high-quality &convenient service network. On other details, Cumark strives for perfection, the booth was beautifully decorated for the clients come to inquiry and negotiate business matters, All of this shows the audience the confidence and strength of Cumark company.








































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