Yangquan municipal government delegation to visit our company to observe

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       November 18, 2015 afternoon, Liu Yiyou, mayor of Yangquan mining area、Xu Benning, deputy head、Yangzhijiang、Wangxitian;Zhang Suming, office director、Tian Jianliang, director general、Wu Chunwen, director of science and technology、Treasury Secretary Shi Fuke、Tang Hua, director of China Merchants Bank and other 20 people in the Yang coal group, deputy director of the Department of our company, accompanied by the inspection and inspection of the visit of the, By Shenzhen Koumac company chairman Li Ruichang、Luo Ziyong, deputy general manager,Strategic marketing director Li Jiandong and other warm reception.


       Investigation period,Leaders visited the cumark research and Development Center, Production workshop, Li Ruichang, chairman of the company reported in detail the report cumark explosion-proof high voltage inverter、Universal high voltage inverter、Current situation and market prospect of high performance permanent magnet synchronous motor controller and low voltage frequency converter. During the observation of the mining district mayor Liu Yiyou on product innovation、Energy efficiency analysis and other issues were carefully asked, Chairman一一Satisfactory solutions are given.

       During the investigation, the forum was arranged, Please look at the leadership of the cumark corporate promo, And listened carefully to the chairman's report on the application of the product. Chairman Li first introduced to the delegation of the company is a professional engaged in the development of power electronics and automation products、Production and sales of national high-tech enterprises, Products are widely used in new energy、electric vehicle、Crane、machine tools、metallurgy、steel、oil、chemical industry、power、Coal industry. Special report on the application of explosion-proof high voltage inverter in Yangquan Coal Group, After the use of cumark explosion-proof high voltage inverter instead of CST,Yang coal mine production increased from 280 thousand tons per month to 450 thousand tons, And greatly reduce the cost of coal mine machinery maintenance, Improve the efficiency of coal mine enterprises.

       Mayor Liu Yiyou on the cumark inverter products fully affirmed,And welcome Shenzhen cumark new technology Limited by Share Ltd investment to establish enterprises in the mining area, Special preferential policies. The general situation and economic development of Yangquan, Mining area government for regional enterprises matchmaking, Help more corporate characteristics project settled in Yangquan; To help new technologies and new products and mining enterprises docking cumark company, In order to achieve win-win business and social benefits.

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